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    We believe your four-legged family member deserves nothing but the best, that's why we ensure our groomers are highly trained professionals. We believe that using top-of-the-line equipment, shampoos, conditioners, and finishing sprays is fundamental. This is why we only use products specifically designed with your pet's comfort in mind.

    Our spa services are always optional and are designed to give your pet a well-deserved pampering. Itchy skin? Try our "Itchy Dog" package. Got fleas? We can handle that with our "Flea-Be-Gone" package. Is your fluffy friend shedding all over the house? Our "Shedless Pet" package is just for you! We do also offer holiday-themed packages that change throughout the year, depending on the season. Try any of our spa packages on your next visit and you will see and feel the difference it makes in your pet's life.


Full Salon Services:

Cut and styling:

  • Small: $50 - $60

  • Medium: $55 - $65

  • Large: $75 - $100

  • X-Large: $90 - $125+

Includes full haircut, de-matting, ear plucking, and complete Bath & Brush-out

Face, Feet, & Tail:

  • Small: $35 - $45

  • Medium: $40 - $50

  • Large: $60 - $95

  • X-Large: $75 - $110+

Includes trimming face/feet/tail, potty patch/paw pad shaving, de-matting, ear plucking, and complete Bath & Brush-out

Bath & Brush-out*:

  • Small: $20 - $30

  • Medium: $25 - $40

  • Large: $40 - $60

  • X-Large: $60 - $100+

Includes bath, brush-out, Premium Wiffy Scent, nail trim, ear cleaning, anal gland expression

*To ensure your fluffy friend has the best experience, the Shedless Pet spa package may be required for those with thick, double, triple, or impacted coats.

Spa Packages (add-on): $15

  • Shedless Pet: Furminator shampoo & conditioner, blueberry facial, under-coat removal, hydrotherapy massage

  • Oatmeal Breakfast: Soothing oatmeal shampoo & rehydrating conditioner, blueberry facial, soothing oatmeal finishing spray

  • Itchy Dog: Tea Tree Oil Medicated shampoo, vinegar/lemon homeopathic rinse (optional), blueberry facial, anti-itch finishing spray

  • Dental Dog: Upgraded shampoo & conditioner, teeth Brushing, tear/drool stain treatment

  • Balms & Blueberries: Upgraded shampoo & conditioner, blueberry facial, hydrating lavender paw/nose balm by Espree

  • Flea-Be-Gone: Flea shampoo & rehydrating conditioner, flea removal, hydrotherapy massage

  • Hypoallergenic Spa: Hypoallergenic shampoo & conditioner, baby powder finishing spray (optional)

All spa packages include a take-home treat bag, Premium Wiffy Scent, Pawdicure, Blueberry facial by South Bark, teeth brushing, Minty Fresh breath spray by Tropiclean, and a premium accent

Al a Carte:

Teeth Brushing: $5

Ear Cleaning: $5

Ear Plucking: $10

Anal Gland Expression: $10

Nail Trim: $10 - $15


  • With groom: $10​

  • Alone: $20 - $25

Includes nail trim, and nail painting

Kritter Mini Make-over: $25

Includes nail trimming, teeth brushing, Minty Fresh breath spray by Tropiclean, ear cleaning, take-home treat bag, premium accent, Premium Wiffy Scent, paw balm, and anal glands (optional)

Boarding Services:

Daycare: $10 per day

Overnight Boarding: $15 per night

We accept:

Please keep in mind that our prices do vary depending on the species, breed, size, and condition of the coat of your pet, the final price will always be determined in person. For cat and exotic pet grooming please contact us for pricing and appointments.

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